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A global decentralized ecosystem that enables interaction without borders based on blockchain technology. Cryptofitnessclub is a brand new approach to online fitness industry based on blockchain that helps clients make payments in real time securely. A disruptive new cryptocurrency GYM Token is used to power our new fitness website. In our ecosystem people can make instant transactions and fix an appointment with the instructors at their own convenience, get paid for any work contributed to our website and have an ad free experience. Gym Tokens not only removes the barriers of currency conversions but also helps make payments with ease and security.

Key Features


No Borders

With a common token powering the entire eco system of our website, people from any part of the world can make a payment in the universal currency GYM Tokens.


Quick Transaction

GYM Tokens provides instant transactions making people’s experience at fitnessclub fast and pleasent.


Lower Costs

With “Zero” transaction fee and no limit on transaction volume, GYM Tokens provide an overall less operational costs.



Cryptofitnessclub enables users to store and transfer virtual balances while the real tokens are stored in cold wallets eliminating the risk of a “hack”.


AdFree Experience

We aim to provide an ad free experience to all our visitors. At fitnessclub we believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone regardless of their status.  


Great Rewards

Anyting you contribute towards our website gets rewarded. Upload videos or publish articles share your knowledge on Fitness and get paid. 



Get huge discounts and cash backs upto 50% when you use our Token on our website, and a loyalty  program for regular users. 



According to IHRSA report the global fitness business is 84$bn of which only 74$mn is contributed by online fitness industry. 

Our Vision

 To make fitness accessible to everyone for free!

Our commitments:

We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym.       And we aim to keep it free.


Self Hosted Videos

Host videos and other content on own servers to provide ad free content to everyone for free.


Pay People for Sharing

Pay people for sharing their knowledge and experience by uploading videos or publishing articles.


World Class Trainers

Get world class trainers on-board, Form patnerships with existing fitness websites to accept Fitness Coin.


Exchange Listing

List the Token on all major exchanges and make it more accessible to everyone.

Why use GYM Tokens

A decentralized cryptocurrency based on ethereum providing maxium transparency and security.


cold wallet: Actual Tokens are stored on offline wallet reducing risk of a hack.


Virtual token balances can be stored in your personal profile.


No transaction fee for transfer of Token balances between the registered users on the website.


Make a manul request and get the Tokens in your actual wallet within 24hrs.

Token Sale


Token Symbol: GYM

Token Type: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 20,000,000

Available For Sale: 12,000,000

Token Price: 1 ETH = 1000GYM

Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH

Soft Cap: 600 ETH

Hard Cap: 12,000 ETH

ICO timeline

Pre ICO Starts: May 01, 2018

Pre ICO Ends: May 07, 2018

Main ICO Starts: May 14, 2018

Main ICO Ends: June 11, 2018 

No new Tokens will be created

All unsold Tokens will be Burnt

ICO timeline

01 Mar – 30 Apr 2018

User Registration      

01 May – 07 May 2018

Pre ICO      

14 May – 11 Jun 2018

Main ICO      

       Pre ICO                                    Bonus


01-07 May     30%

       Main ICO                                  Bonus


 21-27 May    15%

       Main ICO                                    Bonus


14-20 May      20%

       Main ICO                                    Bonus


28-04 May      10%

                                                   23-30 June 2018

Token distribution and

destruction of unsold Tokens      

Our Team


Li Qiang

CEO/Fitness coach

Julia Dobrovolskaya

Marketing Head


Getting Started

How can I participate in the ICO?
You will need to create an account on You will be able to buy Fitness Coin(GYM Tokens) in the invest > Dashboard using ETH or BTC.
Which wallet should I use to store GYM tokens?

GYM is an ERC20 standard token, so it can be stored on ERC20 compatible ethereum wallet. We recommend MyEtherWallet, Mist, or MetaMask.

When will I receive my tokens?

Tokens will be distributed after the ICO period.

Do you have a bounty campaign?

Yes, 1,000,000 GYM Tokens have been allocated to our bounty campaign.

What is the reward for sharing content on your website?

Every blog post receives 1~10 GYM Tokens based on quality.

Video uploads receive 10~50 GYM Tokens based on quality.

How can I share content and earn rewards?

Go to Profile > Articles > New Article, write your article and click “save and move it under review”.  

To upload videos add descreption/tips/care to be taken while doing the workout and provide a YouTube link.


How can I transfer GYM Tokens to other users?
Go to Invest > Dashboard enter the amount, username of the recipient and fill the message column and click transfer. (This feature will be implemented after the ICO)
How can i make a manual withdraw request ?

Send your GYM Tokens to username: “withdraw” with your wallet address in the message column. you will receive tokens in your wallet within 24hours. (transaction fee will apply)

How can I add GYM Token balance to my profile?

Send GYM Tokens to ETH wallet address: “0x3F21554b67A972103737B9a21E0BA3dD3681b975“. Token balance will be reflected once the transaction is confirmed.

When will i receive my rewards for sharing content.

Your GYM tokens will reflect in your profile within 24hours. 

To get them in your ethereum wallet you can either make a manual request or wait for the automated payment which is on every Sunday at 00:00 UTC.

Is it true that i can transfer GYM Tokens within the members of your website for Free!


You can transfer any amount of GYM Tokens between any member of our site without any limits for free. But to get them in your actual ethereum wallet you have to either make a manual request or wait for the automated payments which is on every Sunday at 00:00 UTC.


What benefits do I get for using GYM Tokens.

As a client you will get 10% discount and a further cashback on subsequent appointments with an instructor when you pay with GYM Tokens. 

As an instructor you will get a 10% bonus for accepting payments in GYM Tokens.